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Unops Individual Contractor Agreement (Ica) Salary


Oct 21


Donor countries are invited to contact JPO@unops.org for more information. Se anima a que los países donantes se pongan en contacto con JPO@unops.org si desean recibir más información. The Individual Contractor Agreement (ASIC) is a key resource for UNOPS and its partners. Depending on the scope of functions and the place of work, there are three types of ICIs: International ICA, Local ICA Specialist and Local ICA Assistance. Depending on organizational needs, availability of resources and satisfactory performance of individuals, ASIC have the option to work for a short period of time (1 hour to 3 months) or longer term through a full-time agreement with no predetermined deadline for UNOPS. Contract Type: Fixed Term Appointment (FTA) / Temporary Correction (TA) / International Individual Contractor Agreement (I-ICA) Contract Level: ICS-11: P4 FTA / P4 TA / I-ICA 3 Contract Duration: The duration of the contract depends on the contractual term and the availability of financial resources. For more information on UN staff contracts, please follow this link: www.unops.org/english/whoweneed/contract-types/Pages/United-Nations-staff-contracts.aspx For more details on the ICA`s contractual terms, please follow this link: www.unops.org/ENGLISH/WHOWENEED/CONTRACT-TYPES/Pages/Individual-Contractor-Agreements-ICAs.aspx remuneration of international ICIs, a flat-rate monthly fee is offered. In addition, international CIIs are entitled to additional benefits such as attractive training opportunities, paid annual leave and paid leave for parents and sick leave. UNOPS also offers the possibility of enrolling in a contingency fund (savings programme). The ICA`s international rates are competitive and are rich within a set post level, depending on a number of factors. The basic fee takes into account the amount of the contract and the current market rate for similar roles, as well as the living and hardness costs of the service concerned.

In addition, elements such as the degree of specialization, complexity of tasks, training or experience beyond the minimum required may be taken into account. Fees shall be negotiated directly with each contractor, taking these factors into account in the fee ranges applicable at each stage. . . .