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Which Of The Following Is A Characteristic Of A Licensing Agreement Mcq


Apr 21


8) Which of the following concepts relates to Cloud? Explanation: All statements on the above issue are features of the SaaS or Software as-a-Service model. Question two. Which of the following points is not one of India`s main exports? a) Textiles and clothing (b) gemstones and jewellery (c) oil and petroleum products (d) rice in the water 2) Is one of the following hypervisors exported directly to the underlying absorption system, is it known as________? 8) Are Azure Foce.com and Windows examples of which ones? 1) Which of the following can be related to the location and management of cloud infrastructure? 4) Which of the following is also known as hypervisor? Question 14. Which of the following options is not a force in the Five Forces model? (a) Buyer (b) Supplier (c) Complementary Products (d) Sector Competition 4) Which of the following paaS types, which includes on-demand scale and application security? 7) Which of the next steps can be considered a utility, is it a dream that dates back to the beginning of the computer industry itself? 5) Which of the following groups is generally intended to support enterprise mashup implementation technologies? 7) What types of IT resources are there in Grid Computing? Explanation: Deployment phase: this phase focuses on both stages. It consists of two steps: selection of a cloud provider, maintenance and technical service. 4) Which of the following options can be considered an example for the front-end? 3) Among the information below, which relate to the part of the user`s cloud computing system? 5) Which of the following options offers the proprietary dimension of the Cloud Cube model? 1) Which of the following points is the correct form in its own right of SaaS? 7) Which of the following allows users to connect to several different sites with the same single account? Explanation: Among the following options, we can consider the web browser as a perfect example of the front-end. 9) Which of the following options is the right cloud infrastructure, which is operated exclusively for an organization? 12) Under one of the following conditions, a strategic data set or a document or document for events, the conditions to which the user may be exposed when applying cloud computing mode.