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Ridgid Lifetime Service Agreement Canada


Apr 21


LSA is a false guarantee. You refuse the first email, and has you will be asked several times about the original receipt. Certified email is not available in Canada. Canadians are wary of this fact. All my precise tools were Ridgid. Most of them bought under the 3 month window or so when they came out for the first time when they offered a no FAULT lifetime warranty Now my first attempt to save a compact ridgid router failed by the site method. You now need the original receipt to verify the purchase. The only reason I bought the Ridgid tool on the alternatives was the so-called warranty. Customer service was unable to deal with the problem over the phone. So the tool is down. Tired of treatment with the inability to get these tools properly registered. The battery exchange was the main reason for the trip with ridgid, it always kind of blocked the replacement, really the tools are not so good if I can`t get the batteries, (and this time I can`t)I`m going to Dewalt or Milwaukee It`s back in Milwaukee for me. Run away from RIDGID.

They are terribly incompetent, totally devoid of customer service, and their tools cannot even withstand the moderate use of a DEURisch. pathetic. No attempt to replace twice for another reason it was refused I think for Ridgid`s lifetime warranty warranty is a scam, no matter what it will not be defective manufacturer it will be abuse or any other external influence that caused the tool to work. I don`t know anyone who has replaced a tool yet The 3-year limited warranty, the reconsequering warranty and the lifetime mink agreement are only applicable to the original buyer and may not transfer. These programs only cover the wear or failure of the tool that occurs during normal use and regular maintenance. They do not cover malfunctions, breakdowns or defects caused by abuse, abuse, negligence, modification, modification or repair by others other than an authorized service centre for ridgid® manual, pneumatic and fixed power tools. Damage or malfunctions inflicted on the tool by the user or other external sources, or failure to comply with warnings and instructions contained in the user manual are not covered. If you have used a debit or credit card, go to the customer service department who will print you another receipt. I was lucky enough to find a service store and I was able to do my repairs in a day or 6 hours. I bought an empty ridgid store, I worked well for 9 months, then the engine burned.

I didn`t think about it, because it has a lifetime warranty… Wow, I was wrong! I took the empty store to the local drop house that they said, you have to take it to that repair shop, I said “OK.” Evacuate the shop from the workshop, drop it. When he spoke to the repairman, he told me that everything had to be covered. He returned two weeks later and received an invoice of 129 $US for repair. The store owner told me that the LSA did not apply because the vacuum had been abused… as in the blue hell, are you abusing a store void? I had an argument with him and I told him that he could keep the piece of junk and leave the void in the store and he left… My brother bought a Ridgid 14002 ribbon saw. From the box was missing the lower tire and the upper guidance of the blade (which no longer manufactures Ridgid) was caught.

We didn`t even turn it on at the time. Contacted Ridgid, they said that to bring him back to the store, the store wouldn`t take him, they said he had to go through Ridgid. He walked three or four times until he was grieving, “See him!” Bought a blade guidance spray that they use for their ribbon saws (it`s a nice piece of solid metal, not that pig sunk with ridgid manure) and some e-bay urethane tires. Put a 3/4 plywood base on it, balance the rims, replace the belt, and the saw now rotates like the sky. I used the service for several of their 12V batteries, too in my opinion. The service center told me that I may have a bad tool that made the batteries bad, but when the tool was tested, I was told it was okay.