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Race Horse Lease Agreement


Apr 21


Is there an option for one of the parties to terminate the lease before the agreed deadline? Before you return your rental form, make sure the following is complete: How can I find a horse to rent? Trainers often have horses available to rent for a certain period of time or you can point to an owner/breeder with a suitable horse. You can find a coach via the NTF`s online directory or the BHA interactive map. Rental forms are not designed to be difficult to fill out, but they can sometimes be confusing. If you still have doubts about how to fill out the form or are not sure what type of rental is right for your situation, please contact the leasing service at leases@racingnsw.com.au or 02 9551 7529 How to register a rental agreement? If you want to rent a racehorse, you must first become a registered owner, either as a sole owner or in partnership or in a union. Here you will find the various options for registering the owners. Once you have registered as an owner, you must register the lease with the L1 form with Weatherbys. A registration fee of $53.80 is charged, plus an additional $27.20 per year to renew the lease (if applicable). Leasing is a fantastic way to get involved in the possession of racehorses at every stage, but especially for those who are committing for the first time. By renting a horse, you (the owner) arrive with the real owner (the tenant) of the horse to an agreement to drive the horse under your own name for an agreed period according to an agreed set of rules.

The owner enjoys the thrill of having the horse race under his own name and colors and keeping the prize money won, while the horse is returned to the original owner at the end of the agreed time. Option B is a normal rental situation in which landlords are not required to participate in the rent and an agreed rent amount is set. Please note that the prize money cannot be shared with the B-Leasing option and the entire prize is sent to the managing director. They must register their property on the horse in the government`s new national PPSA registry. This is a separate process for dividing the usual racing leasing document to RISA or Racing NSW. The Personal Property Securities Act (Cth) (PPSA) Personal Property Guarantee System came into effect in Australia on January 30, 2012. It is important that all racehorse owners become familiar with the benefits and risks that come with them. To read the latest list, just click on the following link – Racehorse Leasing Forum Also, it is possible that the broad text of the PPSA will be interpreted as covering agreements between owners, trainers, agistment properties or other facilities that look after the owners` horses (which are not rented horses). General veterinary bills must be borne by the owner, but what happens in case of “unusual” large fees? If longer-term injury strikes terminate the lease? The conditions for renting racehorses are as follows: the Irish Thoroughbred Breeders Association (ITBA) operates a National Hunt Fillies Leasing Scheme.