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White Label Service Agreement Template


Dec 20


Most white-label service agreements contain a section on profit potential. You need to make sure that the agency you are using calculates the client enough for the Agency and you can make a decent profit. A white-label service contract describes a situation in which a creditor provides services or goods, but the customer re-labels the delivery items as if he had created them. For example, a software provider may provide a platform as a mobile application, but the customer makes it look like he developed the application, not the provider. There are white label situations in all sectors, which makes white-label service agreements all the more important. A white-label service contract describes a situation in which a provider provides services or goods, but the customer surrounds them as if he had created them.3 min read, i.e. MOBIBLOCKS is not responsible for emergencies and assumes no responsibility in the event of server failure, server delays, network problems or other problems caused by interruptions or intermittent problems of the underlying hosting service. This agreement is the full and exclusive declaration of the agreement reached between the parties regarding the products and services provided under this agreement. This agreement replaces and replaces all previous agreements between the parties or between the client and one of MOBIBLOCKS` interested predecessors, either in writing or orally. Each white-label service contract should describe in detail the structure of the arrangement. Does the customer know who is doing the work or who is designing the product, or will your company pretend to be the author? You must use a WhiteLabel or provide your own brand for White Label Reseller services and use the generic URL (websiteauditserver.com) as an access URL for resold accounts. a.

Limited license. MOBIBLOCKS grants the customer a restricted, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub-conceded license for the use of the platform for the lifetime exclusively for the design, creation, sale and management of video ads for customers and third-party customers of the customer (the “license”) that are hosted on MOBIBLOCKS` current white-label content management interface. Without limiting the universality of the above, the Customer has no right to sublicensing or grant access to the platform or all advertising video rendering services contained in it, unless the platform is resold in accordance with the terms of section 5. A supplier can have an excellent offer, for example. B a tax service, a logo creator or a game, but it lacks a large clientele. The platform offers to existing companies allows them to benefit from their goods or services, as they are marketed under a trusted brand.