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What Is Our Current Trade Agreement With China


Dec 20


In addition, the traditional ideological divide between Republicans and Democrats over trade during China`s trade war has reinted into the world. Instead, a multi-party consensus seemed to emerge, with U.S. politicians viewing trade issues as part of the broader competition between the United States and China. If ideological divisions are high, differing political beliefs about the motivations and actions of other countries may limit the president in defining foreign policy. WASHINGTON – U.S. President Trump signed his first trade deal with China on Wednesday, ending the first chapter of a long and economically damaging battle with one of the world`s largest economies. U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He met in Shanghai for two days of trade negotiations. It is the first personal interaction since Xi and Trump met at the G20 summit in June and the first formal high-level talks since last May. As most analysts had predicted, the discussions ended with little progress. The two sides have agreed to continue talking and will meet again in September. An August 2019 CAPS/Harris Poll showed that 67% of registered voters wanted the U.S. to face Beijing because of its trade policy, while 74% of respondents said U.S.

consumers would bear most of the burden of tariffs. Mark Penn, co-director of Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll, said the poll shows strong U.S. public support for Trump`s trade policy against China, and said, “You realize that tariffs can have a negative impact on jobs and prices, but they think the fight is the right one.” [328] Day 673: May 8 – China-U.S. reaffirms commitments in the first trade agreement by telephone Economists at morgan Stanley Financial Have expressed uncertainty about ending the trade war, but warned in June 2019 that this could lead to a recession. [321] China`s monetary policy was another hot topic, since China deliberately kept its currency undervalued for years. However, China has moved towards a more market-based exchange rate, but China`s monetary policy is still under close scrutiny. Other issues affecting bilateral trade flows include China`s industrial policy, which favours state-owned enterprises, differences of opinion on China`s WTO obligations, and the lack of protection of U.S. intellectual property rights. The trade war is a common topic on Chinese social networks, a popular internet meme thanos, a villain of Marvel Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe, who erases half of the entire life in the universe with the Infinity Gauntlet, jokes that Trump will wipe out half of Chinese investors in the same way.

[266] [267] However, in the run-up to the U.S. election, evidence indicates that the agreement is not keeping Trump`s promise.1 The latest official data show that China is not up to expectations and is only reaching 53% of the planned purchase target by September 2020.