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University Services Agreement


Dec 20


How to initiate an application for a new sub-price or service agreement: for the purposes of this type of agreement, services are defined as “small projects specifically designed” and are limited to projects that provide services that include the classification, diagnosis or testing of a sponsor`s data, samples, mechanisms, procedures or products. These services are provided by academic resources, including staff, equipment or facilities. Company: The faculty wishing to use a service contract to carry out work on behalf of a sponsor should contact the Office of Research Services-Cost Analysis (ORS) to determine whether service rates are required for a consistent billing of the activity for the sponsor (s). Once ORS has obtained service certification and the proposal has been approved as part of the routing process, ORS submits to the sponsor the university`s standard service agreement, approved by the University of Legal Counsel and the Office of Technology Development. Note that this directive only concerns the use of the standard university form. All proposed changes to the university`s standard form or the use of a sponsor`s form required the review and approval of the relevant university offices by the Office of Research Services. In order not to delay project approval, any proposed changes to a proponent`s higher education or form form must be submitted in a timely manner prior to the project launch date, in order to have sufficient time for verification. Since negotiations and discussions on these issues often take weeks, any proposed changes to the standard form or use of a proponent`s form should be submitted to the Research Services Office for review and review at least four (4) weeks prior to the start of the proposed project. The Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) oversees the various stages of contract negotiation, implementation and project management of service contracts. Purchasing services is about getting the best overall value for the purchase of goods and services at university; Ensure efficient and efficient purchasing processes Help departments comply with federal, regional and local laws Implement a strong internal control system and monitor compliance Providing opportunities for a variety of businesses provide excellent customer service for the university community.