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Traduzione Customer Protection Agreement


Dec 20


We may use a visitor`s or user`s email address or other information, except customer data, to contact that visitor or user (i) for administrative purposes such as after-sales service, to deal with intellectual property violations, the right to data protection violations or defamation issues related to customer data or personal data published in the service. , or (ii) updating advertisements and events, regarding the products and services offered by us and by third parties with whom we work. You have the option of disjointed to receive advertisements as described below under “Your Decisions.” a. Privacy: Stripe only uses user data as ordered or authorized by other agreements between you and us or otherwise by you. You protect all data you receive through the Services and you must not disclose or disseminate that data, and you will only use it in connection with the Services and in accordance with this Agreement or by other agreements between you and us. Neither party may use personal data to market it to customers unless it has received the explicit consent of a particular customer. You cannot disclose payment data to others, except as part of the processing of transactions requested by customers and in accordance with applicable laws and payment rules. We adhere to generally accepted industry standards to protect the information that has been provided to us, both during transmission and after receipt. We put in place appropriate administrative, technical and physical security measures to protect personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, unauthorized modification, unauthorized disclosure or access, abuse and any other illegal form of processing of personal data that we hold. These include firewalls, password protection and other access and authentication commands. We use SSL technology to encrypt data during transmission over the public Internet, and we also use application-level security features to further anonymize personal data.

You can only submit a fee through the payment processing services authorized by your customers. In order to be able to process by transaction for you, you authorize and direct STEL, the payment agencies and the method of payment acquire to obtain and settle all payment settlement revenues due to you through payment settlement services. You may not grant or transfer interest on payment settlement revenues to third parties, except under financial or payment terms (defined below) until the proceeds of the payment settlement are paid into your payment account (as defined below). You appoint STEL to your agent for the limited purpose of management, has accepted, keep and will settle such revenues. You agree that STEL`s receipt of such revenues is in accordance with the obligations of the final customer concerned to make payments to you. We will immediately update your Stripe account balance to reflect the revenue STEL receives on your behalf. 4.3. The company processes personal data when such processing is required by agreements, when the person concerned is a party or a beneficiary, or if the processing of personal data is necessary to execute an agreement initiated by the person of a personal nature or by an agreement in which the person concerned is the beneficiary of personal data. 2.4. These rules apply to all full-time and part-time executives and employees of the company, as well as to third-party executives and employees who have entered into agreements with the company and are involved in the processing of personal data.