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Oracle Technology Network License Agreement For Oracle Java Se Deutsch


Dec 20


On November 17, 2007, Red Hat signed both the Sun Contributor Agreement and the OpenJDK Community TCK License. [40] One of the first advantages of this agreement is to focus more closely on the IcedTea project, which brings together Fedora, Linux distribution, and JBoss, the application server, technologies in a Linux environment. IcedTea has provided free software alternatives for the remaining few ownership sections of the OpenJDK project. A brief summary of the main terms of the OBCL agreement is summarized below: Oracle has no longer released updates for LtS (Long-Term Support) versions under permissive license, others have started offering builds. [21] [22] [23] Java Standard Edition Version 11 (including JDK, JRE, JavaFX, JRockit JDK) will remain available for free as long as it is used for the development, testing, prototyping and demonstration of your own developed applications. If you use Java Standard Edition for information processing, business, trade or production purposes, such use must be authorized by Java 11. Alternatively, you can choose to use OpenJDK, but it`s up to your own organization to stream software updates with the latest version if you want the latest updates. Oracle`s business license (perpetual) models will no longer exist; Instead, Oracle will launch the right to use certain commercial features and provide its support services as part of subscriptions: Java SE Advanced and Java SE Advanced Desktop Subscriptions. JavaFX will no longer be included in JDK and becomes open source. In May 2008, distributions included Fedora 9[41] [42] and Ubuntu 8.04[43] IcedTea 6, based entirely on open and open source code. [44] Fedora 9 was the first version delivered with IcedTea6 based on Sun`s OpenJDK6 sources and not OpenJDK7.

It was also the first OpenJDK for the name of the package (via the OpenJDK brand agreement) in place of IcedTea. [41] Ubuntu also first packed IcedTea7[45] before moving on to IcedTea6.