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Bai Tap Subject And Verb Agreement Co Dap An Violet


Dec 20


V. In each of the following sentences, put the verb in parentheses in the correct form: 26. The proportions of poisoning…………. subject to this. II Provide the good times and the form of verbs in parentheses: 2. David, as well as his friends, ………… Collect old papers for recycling. The interrogation, conducted by the police officers, lasted several hours. [10] If the subject is a nick word that forms in numbers, but that means singly, the sentence is divided into singly terms.

29. The use of credit cards instead of cash…………. In recent years, growth has been rapid. 18. Each of the building`s doctors must have a separate reception area. [15] If a subject is a subs mesoth, percentage or words like half, part, quantity and rest, complementary sentences and nonies follow for the word admed that percentage or percentage 7. Physics (cause) ……… They all have problems at school. 1.

Singular-ned: Generally identified with a/year or anthomor that… I told you to do it. 7. Tom and his two close friends……… Not in class today. [11] If the subject is an allusion to weight, measure, price or price, it is considered singly, and the next set is also insightful. – The boy and the girl love their parents very much. 25. Flocks of birds……………. In orbit around the head. 16. The image of the soldiers……….

a lot of memories back. You and John are responsible for this act. So today, I`m going to help you systematically re-systematize the most common cases, especially on the topic of harmony between subject and expression — that is, in the field of singly words. 8. Two words related to one person, one object 15. Half of the food we serve to customers is still in the refrigerator. [14] Certain words such as colours, pants, pliers, scissors, scissors, shoes, glasses, gloves are numbered nodies and require multiples to accompany them. However, if the word couple is ahead of these nonies, the theme of the word is followed by the song. 9. John, with twenty friends, ……. Planning a party. 3.

Countless names: names that show materials, fluids, abstract categories or objects that we consider an inseparable mass. 4. Some of the broken tables in the classroom.. 5. Two sentences of Inus that are by ” and “. 20. Anyone involved in the fundraiser must light the tickets before 8 a.m. 00.

4. Neither Tom nor his friends………. I lost the keys. 10. Mathematics…………. the science of quantity. But with subtraction and division, always use singly phrases. IV Complete sentences with is/are, have/have or dose/do.