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Australia-China Agricultural Cooperation Agreement (Acaca) Program


Dec 20


Subsidies of up to $50,000 (including GST) are available for projects to develop Australia`s agricultural trade relations with China. Activities eligible for project funding include: – technical exchanges – transfer of officers – participation in conferences – working groups – training programmes – workshops – research and development – exchange of information – feasibility studies – masterclasses. “Over the past 30 years, the program has been part of more than 200 technical exchanges, working groups, training programs and research and development exchanges.” Agriculture Minister David Littleproud said farms with trade projects or missions are encouraged to apply. The ACACA program also helps our agriculture, fisheries and forestry explore the new opportunities offered by the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) and China`s expanding market. The Australian government is calling, through an open competition procedure, for the implementation of trade projects and missions under the Australia-China Agricultural Cooperation Cooperation Agreement (ACACA) 2020 (the programme). The program is part of an agreement between the Australian and Chinese governments. The agreement was signed in 1984 to improve cooperation between agricultural industries, develop trade relations and create a forum for the reciprocal exchange of scientific information between the two countries. The program works and promotes a funding opportunity (funding cycle) each calendar year or twice in a calendar year in which funding allows it. The Australia-China Agreement on Agriculture is a contractual program that helps our agriculture, fisheries and forestry develop new opportunities through ChAFTA. “ACACA aims to strengthen our relationship with our largest export market for agricultural, fisheries and forest products, worth nearly $13.6 billion in 2017-18,” said Minister Littleproud. The beneficiaries of ACACA are the Australian agriculture, fishing, meat, forestry, regulatory, biosecurity and food security industries, organizations, businesses and individuals, including their respective industries or sectors, who wish to improve cooperation between Australia and China. Under the Australia-China Agricultural Cooperation Agreement (ACACA) program for 2019, $100,000 in subsidies are now available to expand agricultural trade between Australia and China.

The aim of the programme is to finance trade projects and missions which: the objectives of the programme are: – Promote bilateral cooperation and cooperation in the field of agricultural fisheries, forestry and regulation, biosecurity and food security Cooperation between Australia and China on biosecurity and food security – developing, improving and expanding trade links and ties between Australia and China – exchange of scientific and technological information between Australia and China The ACACA 2019 grant is an agreement between the Australian and Chinese governments. The program operates under this agreement. China is Australia`s largest export market for agricultural, fishing and forest products. Our agricultural, fishing and forestry exports to China totaled $15.1 billion in 2018/2019 (source: ABARES 2019).