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7600A Interagency Agreement Instructions


Nov 20


This form establishes an agreement between your agency and NIH only to provide acquisition support services. NOTE: Agreements are subject to legal review and approval in accordance with your office`s guidelines and procedures. For information about the correct contract format, please contact the General Law Division at (202) 482-5391. The department is also responsible for consulting and approving all types of division agreements. The most commonly used contractual formats are: (2) Coast – Geodetic Survey Act (883rd) Agreement (Federal Agencies)/(Non-Federal Agencies) authorizes the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to enter into agreements with any state or sub-division, a federal authority or a public or private organization or an individual for investigators, investigations and other activities authorized by law. This example is only used for informational purposes. A change is required before use. Our new site has a cleaner and more modern mobile design, with improved navigation to help you find the information you need. NITAAC is authorized to provide sustained acquisitions to all civil agencies and DoD. We have redesigned our website and many of our URLs have changed. Please update your bookmarks.

The Federal Model Agreement (1) Standard Interagency Agreement (IAA) checklist of the Special Studies Authority consists of two forms issued by the SGF – Form 7600A, which contains the terms and conditions of sale (CGV) and Form 7600B, which defines specific order requirements and financial information (Order). Treasury`s G-Invoicing Resources: IAA Instructions and Forms (6) Reimbursable Detail Model Agreement use when detailing employees to or from the Department. (2) The standard economic law contract allows the department to acquire goods or services from other federal authorities if the good or service is actually available, if the purchase is in the best interest of the government, if the goods or services cannot be provided at a lower cost or more comfortably by the private sector and if the supplier is able to provide the good or service itself or by contract. 4. The model agreement on the Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement includes requests from states or local authorities for studies and compilations, development projects, training, investigations, reports and documents for which the State or local government pays all identifiable costs.